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Rainbow Chomp 1/1 Custom

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.+.The Rainbow Chomp.+.

Special Custom 1 of 1 by Mr Rainbow

Only 1 exist in the world.

Once upon a time, a curious young Chomp wanted to know what the rainbow tasted like. He tried and tried, but no matter how high he climbed, he was always a little bit short… 🌈

He never gave up of course!😅

One day, after a rainy morning, the rainbow appeared again! Chomp quickly climbed up the tallest tree in the forest, gathered all his courage and jumped with every inch of his chubby legs! 🌴


His bravery touched the rainbow angel though, as she sent down a magical chain to catch the falling Chomp. 

“You saved me!!”

“Well yeah… that’s what angels do bro”

From that day on, the chain granted Chomp 7 powers of the rainbow, and he used it to help all the magnificent beasts in the forest ~ (and got himself a lot of lady Chomps)